-150OC Cryo Freezer

Temperature Range : -126℃ to -150℃
Litre Capacity : 200

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-86OC ULT Freezer

Temperature Range : -40℃ to -86℃
Imported and Labinco make ULT frrezers (-80℃) available.

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Lab Refrigerator

Temperature Range : 2℃ to 8℃
Capacities : 320, 400 & 180, 260, 300, 360 Litr.

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Pharmacy Refrigerator

Temperature Range : 2℃ to 8℃
Capacities: 260, 290, 360, 390, 610, 890, 1378 Litr.

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Biological safety Cabinet

Imported and LABINCO make Biosafety Cabinets available

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Welcome to Labinco

Labinco, based in Mulund, Mumbai, is an independent, privately owned company, founded in 2012. Labinco is a leader in the Supply as well as in the manufacturing and designing of equipment for sample preparation, scientific analysis, data acquisition and data analysis providing solutions to the global scientific and industrial markets.

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Our expertise is to provide Clients with complete Lab Solutions offering a one-stop-shop for sourcing, procuring & consolidation which helps save time, resource and finance.


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